We offer our services for the full duration of your project. Strengthen and expand your team with our expertise and experience.

Here you will find some of the disciplines and phases involved in project management explained. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for. No two projects are alike, so solutions and approaches have to be adjusted accordingly – this is why we offer you the full scope of our expertise. Even if you only want us to provide some of the stepping stones, our focus is always on the project as a whole.

Our ethos is that there is no such thing as ‘can’t do’. However, every project has its risks. A key factor in achieving success is to acknowledge these risks and take appropriate action – and it is always possible that a problem can be turned into an opportunity. We will manage the situation and stay on top of it until your project reaches completion.

Project management – The key to success

These are the responsibilities we take on for our clients:

  • Project management
  • Sub-project management
  • Technical project management
  • Interim project management

Is there a risk of project management issues creating a bottleneck within your project? Do you need reliable support for the management of special tasks? With complex, large-scale projects, the project manager / project director is often in great demand and besides teams of experts needs the support of other competent and reliable staff for:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Project assistance
  • Expediting

Risk management

No project is without its risks, but many a problem can be turned into an opportunity. Particularly in the case of risk management, it helps to work with an external, impartial and independent partner. Risk management can quickly get bogged down in company politics. Yet proactive, consistent and smooth-running risk management is key to the success of a project. Here are some of the ways in which we can support your project:

  • Implementation of a risk management system
  • Development of a risk register
  • Seminar: Risk Management Basics
  • Strategies for managing high risk factors

Providing a risk manager for the project

Project planning

We offer our clients assistance with planning their project. With our methodological expertise and objectivity concerning both the task and the client, we develop realistic and reliable plans. These are some areas in which we offer support:

  • Development of the project charter
  • Planning of the suitable project organisation
  • Scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Development of the work breakdown structure
  • Definition of work packages
  • Analysis of stakeholders
  • Development of a project manual

Planning of the integration and training of project staff

Project monitoring and management

We offer comprehensive services in project monitoring and management. These largely depend on the processes and monitoring methods that the client already has in place. Here too, we are happy to take on special tasks:

  • Preparation of status reports
  • Monitoring of the critical path
  • Conducting regular project meetings with the project team
  • Sub-project monitoring

Provision of a project representative to specifically monitor key activities at the construction site and at the site of the client or subcontractor.

Project management office, project representation

Efficient and well-organised project management is key to keeping a project running smoothly. Our experience provides a solid foundation for the organisation of your project:

  • Organisation, setting-up and staffing of the project office
  • Monitoring of project processes
  • Project office on site

Project representation

For our clients we also act as:
•    Client representatives
•    Project representatives
on site, in the production area, offshore or with subcontractors – exactly where our clients need a reliable and powerful representative.

Change management and claim prevention

In any project, adjustments regarding content and disputes about contractual ambiguities are a part of daily business. Unfortunately, companies can sometimes be faced with aggressive claim management. The most important thing is to ensure fast and targeted action.

  • Contract analysis
  • Contract-related training and raising of awareness for the project team
  • Development and implementation of claim processes
  • Follow-up arbitration with the involved parties
  • Optimisation of change management and follow-up management

Subcontractor management

The monitoring and managing of subcontractors is another factor that is key for the success of a project. It can be wishful thinking to believe that a subcontractor will simply deliver what you want once you have placed an order. Subcontractors need to be guided throughout the course of the project. In any project, there can be a disparity in the balance of power between companies. For example, a global general contractor may be buying specialist products from a provincial German SME. With projects of this nature, the subcontractor may need some help over the ‘finish line’.

  • Purchasing support
  • Document management
  • Monitoring
  • Time and cost planning
  • Technical inspections
  • Contract managament
  • Risk management

Evaluation of projects in crisis

If your project is experiencing difficulties and there is a danger of them turning into a full-blown crisis, you need to act. There are often initial warning signs even before the problems become more obvious. We can assess your project and perform an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Even when there is no crisis looming, an evaluation of the project can be used to improve project management.

  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Action to be taken
  • Gap analysis
  • Crisis management

We conduct stringent crisis management for our clients. Key positions may have to be filled on a provisional basis. We are there where you need us!

Project process management

We are happy to advise our clients on issues concerning processes, structuring and organisation of their project management. We analyse and optimise project management processes in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workflows.
With large projects, these issues are success-defining factors, particularly when the teams are located in different places. We will assist you in developing your personnel into a high-performance team.
• Analysis and optimisation of administrative processes
• Communication management
• Clarification of project roles
• Conflict management
• Lean project management
This is intended to improve the quality of your project management, the motivation of your team and thus the success of your projects.